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MDRS Magnetic Dent Removal Apprentice Kit

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This MDRS Magnetic Dent Removal kit is perfect for small shops with limited room or a limited budget, as well as band directors needing to keep marching instruments looking great. The Apprentice set is available for sale to players and non-technicians. However, the magnet in this tool is very strong and will easily injure the user if not used properly. Please read and understand all safety warnings and purchase this tool only if you understand how to work safely with strong rare earth magnets.

Click here to view helpful information on the MDRS system. 

This kit includes:
  • Sturdy MDRS Tool Box
  • 1.55" MDRS Magnetic Dent Removal Tool
  • Set of 4 Dent Balls (2.25", 2.00", 1.75", 1.50")
  • Ball Locating Magnet
  • Mylar Disk (to protect finish)
  • Spray Wax (lubricant)
  • MSDS
Price: $495.00
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