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Abell African Blackwood Headjoint-Standard Cut, Used

Abell African Blackwood Headjoint. This headjoint offers a wonderfully round and sweet sound, but allows for plenty of projection throughout all registers.

Original Price: $1,195.00
Promo Price:      $995.00

Price: $995.00
Abell Grenadilla Wood Headjoint, Used

Abell Grenadilla Wood Headjoint. Used Abell headjoint made of Grenadilla.  This headjoint offers a crisp articulate sound, it has pleasant amount of resistance, and an edge to the sound that you would expect from a metal headjoint.

Original Price: $1,195.00
Promo Price:      $995.00

Price: $995.00
Abell Mopane Wood Headjoint-Standard Cut, Used

Abell Mopane Wood Headjoint. Used Mopane Wood Headjoint with standard cut embouchure.  This headjoint has a sweet and brilliant character.  It has a wonderful lively sound and it is definitely a favorite of ours.

Original Price: $1,275.00
Promo Price:   $1,125.00

Price: $1,125.00
Arista Sterling Silver Headjoint, Used

Arista Sterling Silver Headjoint. This Sterling Silver Arista Headjoint has everything you could want in a headjoint. It is free blowing with enough resistance that it does not feel too easy to play.  It has power and consistency throughout the entire range of the flute.

Price: $1,200.00
Brannen 10K Gold Headjoint, Used

Brannen 10K Gold Headjoint. This Brannen solid 10k Gold headjoint offers a complex clear sweet sound and has a great flexibility in tone colors. We also noticed excellent stability when going for those delicate pianissimos.

Original Price:  $4,850.00
Promo Price:    $4,395.00

Price: $4,395.00
Burkart Sterling Silver with 14K Riser Headjoint, Used

Burkart Sterling Silver with 14K Riser Headjoint. This Burkart heajoint is a delight to play.  It gives depth of tone throughout the entire range of the flute.  Articulation is quick and easy especially in the low range.

Original Price:  $1,475.00
Promo Price:    $1,325.00

Price: $1,325.00
Burkart Silver Headjoint with 14K Gold Riser-Cut C4, Used

Burkart Sterling Silver Headjoint with 14K Gold Riser; .016 wall thickness, C4 Cut. 

Original Price:  $1,475.00
Promo Price:    $1,175.00

Price: $1,175.00
Lillian Burkart Platinum with 14k Gold Lip, Riser and Crown, Used

Lillian Burkart Platinum Headjoint. Solid platinum tube with 14K gold lip, riser & crown.  Serial #1000.  This headjoint has a complex and powerful dark sound that can truly fill the room with sound.

Original Price:  $9,500.00
Promo Price:    $7,995.00

Price: $7,995.00
Drelinger Sterling Silver Headjoint w/ 14K Gold-Air-Reed®, Used

Drelinger Max Flo Heajoint with Gold Air reed. This headjoint has everything you would expect from a Drelinger,  excellent response across all ranges, ease of articulation, and fantastic projection. Contact us to audition this headjoint.

Price: $1,295.00
Hammig Modified Wave Piccolo Headjoint, Used

Hammig Modified Wave Piccolo Headjoint USED - We find that the wave headjoint is more free blowing and easier to play than traditional style piccolo headjoints.  If you find you do not play piccolo often a wave headjoint might just be the right fit for you!

Original Price: $675.00
Promo Price:   $599.00

Price: $599.00
Lafin Headjoint, Used

Lafin Headjoint. 15/85 Gold Silver Alloy Tubing with 14K Lip, Riser, and Adler Wings.

Price: $3,450.00
Landell 14k Gold Headjoint With Sterling Silver Lip and Jeweled Crown, Used

Landell 14k Gold Headjoint. This 14k headjoint with Silver Lip and Jeweled Crown is a dazzling work of art. Not only because of the jeweled crown but also because the unique geometric shape of the lip plate. This headjoint has excellent projection and a rich unfaltering low register.

Original Price:  $4,250.00
Promo Price:    $3,950.00

Price: $3,950.00
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