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Selling Your Flute Through J.L. Smith:

J.L. Smith is the perfect place to sell your used flute, and consigning with us is the best way to present your instrument to our extensive nationwide clientele.

We are extremely proactive in supporting our used instrument sales department with expert marketing, a world-class sales team, top-level instrument service, and our own J.L. Smith flute certification program. Our professional flute sales team is committed to placing your J.L. Smith Certified instrument with the right musician through in-store trials, home trials, national and local flute shows, and through our industry leading website.

The vast majority of used instruments we offer are J.L. Smith Certified and we strongly suggest that your flute be certified before it is offered for sale. Certification involves detailed inspection and evaluation, and any necessary service is completed to bring the instrument to its peak level of performance before it is listed for sale. This is the best way to ensure that the flute will sell at the appropriate price. Certification offers the buyer a solid guarantee of the instrument’s mechanical integrity and level of play. In addition, all J.L. Smith Certified flutes are backed by our free 90-Day Service Program and are eligible for our exclusive J.L. Smith Annual Service Program.

As Is:
We are also able to offer flutes for sale “as is”, without certification, however these instruments will not sell at full value. It is also important to note that “as is” flutes will not be presented at flute shows or be offered for in-home trials. “As is” flutes will be sold with a 15-day money back guarantee, but they will not be eligible for our 90-Day Service Program or our Annual Service Program.

Outright Purchase:
In certain cases involving popular flute models in top condition, we may be able to offer to purchase the instrument directly. This is done on a strictly case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of our Used Flutes Manager.

Consigning Your Flute:
If you have a flute that you’re interested in selling, we want to know about it. Email us regarding the make, model, age, and general condition of the instrument, as well as a description of the features (B foot, open hole, inline/offset G, etc).

If we feel that the flute has potential to sell through our program we’ll ask you to ship it to us for inspection. Please be certain it is clearly labeled, "Attn: Used Flutes Manager" with your name and contact information attached to the case or case cover. And please only send your instrument if we have requested it.

If it is properly serviceable, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for any work necessary to bring the instrument to peak performance and qualify it as J.L. Smith Certified.

You may accept or decline the service estimate. If you decline, we can ship the instrument back to you at your expense or possibly list it for sale “as is”. If you accept the service estimate, we will register your payment information and schedule the service. We’ll also email you a consignment agreement to sign and return to us. The agreement gives us legal permission to sell the instrument on your behalf. The agreement also explains our policies regarding cancellation of the agreement, consignment fees, etc. Please read it carefully. We ask for a percentage of the listing price as commission. There are no other fees for consigning with us unless you cancel within the first three months of signing the agreement. You will only be charged for repair service when the work is completed and the instrument is officially certified and listed for sale.

Feel free to contact us by phone at 800.659.6073 or email at